Saturday, March 18, 2017

Myfordmobile , reset your cars modem

Edit: hold the horses! Even though my originally described meathod below worked INITALLY to get my car  syncing initially, I'm still having issues. Perhaps the only solution is only pull fuse # 10. Maybe the modem being off allows the computer to clear out the BS, but if you pull the power to everything like I described below, the computer doesn't have the opportunity. 

So, after more pulling, I was able to get the fuse out - using a dongle which came with a fuse kit I had laying around. I guess a regular $0.79 plastic fuse puller. Before you waste too much time, check out the photo of the fuse. They didn't have it this fuse Auto parts places, and I was told to buy it from the internet or directly from Ford. 

. Ive an energi car and lost communication between my phones my Ford mobile (MFM) app and my car.
I called myfordmobile support, which I found on the website.
They confirmed that a recently replaced modem had been correctly attached to my VIN, however that there was a queue of requests and the modem in my car was jammed.
They asked I pull the interior fuse # 10.
I tried a few times, but it wasn't easy.
I saw on this site:
That the cover under the steering wheel simply pulled away. It's on a hinge and if you pull from the top, it'll fold down giving access. I pulled from the driver's side door side and it didn't take much.
I still had issues pulling it, so I instead pulled what appeared to be the power to the whole thing. There's a clip on the right side of the larger power connector, simply push this in and pull it out. (I had to get under the steering wheel to see the clip, but I bet if I felt and knew what I was looking for, I'd see it.
With the car off, and unplugged, After pulling that main power connector, I let it sit for about 5 minutes, replugged in the fuse box and started the car. About 30 seconds later my dash showed a request for access.
Hopefully that's it. Pulling the power on that fuse box was much easier than the whole thing. I hope I didn't gum something up.
In the photos attached, you can see the fuse in question, it's highlighted physically, ahah, because in trying to pull it out I beat it up a bit.
The photo from below the dash show the larger power connector and it's release mechanism
This is a 2015 Ford fusion energi with tech package.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Filemaker Pro & APEasy - user receiving alert that there's a licensing conflict with themselves.


When opening APEasy, it displays an error that you've reached your maximum number of licensed users.

In my instance, this error was only affecting one user on one computer.

Though this is comprehensive, it is not refined. At a point I threw up my hands and just hit all the bases.



Open Filemaker Pro, by itself, without launching the attached service, in this instance, apeasy. Just hit start and open filemaker pro. Go to the help, about, and click on info - grab that license key!

-Try holding control as you click to open the APeasy FMP on the local computer - this will task it to reinitalize and it may be that simple!


- Reboot the server.

If that doesn't do it, try:

- On the server, open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:16000 - this is FileMaker Pro's setup.

You may see that there's an update for the server -- only apply the update if all users are down. Else, don't stir that pot!

Note, if it says that the server is more updated than the workstation, you will want to update the workstations!

-Launch the admin control panel

Username: master  | Password: master

look under clients. If your troubled user is here, force them out and test again.

If that doesn't do it try:

- Ensure server is on intranet sites, for the workstation having trouble, in multiple capacities, to include IP address (remember to remove this. For security, only use FQDN!)

- Uninstall newer versions of Java - APEasy provides version 6.11 or something silly like that - it's good to go back to basics when testing - remember to reinstall the newer versions of java after it's fixed.

Remove the following folders:
%userprofile%\appdata\local\filemaker pro
%userprofile%\appdata\roaming\filemaker pro (may not exist)
%userprofile%\appdata\roaming\filemaker (may not exist)
C:\programdata\apeasy (may not exist)
C:\programdata\filemaker (pro)  (may not exist)

Backup and remove the following registry keys:
HKCU\Software\Filemaker (pro)

Run a repair of filemaker pro from "programs and features" in the control panel-- you will need both your license key AND the name of the software company, in this instance "Small Business Computers of NE" - said otherwise, the "company" field is not you or your clients' company, but the group which is using filemaker pro as the platform for their software.

Try launching again, if still failure:
after all of the above, hold control while launching.
There's another shortcut, holding shift while launching - this seemed to allow progress but I didn't make it down this path - I was told this would allow me to manage the APeasy interface.

TO test:
Log into another users account on the same workstation, does the program launch?
If so, it's something in their user profile,
if not, it's something on the workstation
if it doesn't launch for anyone, it's a problem on the server.

Also try:
Copying a new "APEasy Startup" file over, from the server to the workstation. or from a working computer to the non-working.

Making sure the APeasy Startup item is not on a redirected, roaming, or network location, at least for testing purposes.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

How to merge or combine cells in Google Documents

Quick post:

Lets say you have two columns in a Google  Sheets

First Name | Last Name

And you want to combine them. 

if you use the merge cells tool, it's going to remove one of the columns.

Looking online, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to merge them,

so we must get a little creative!

First: Copy the two (or more) columns you want to merge, to their own google sheet, we'll call the temporary sheet.

Second: Save a copy of the temporary sheet to your computer (file, "download as").
 Ensure you're saving it as a Comma Seperated Value, or CSV

Third, Open the CSV in notepad. Notepad is built into windows and should open CSV by default.

You'll notice the top header is your first two columns, and then each row is on it's own line.

Fourth: Go to the "Edit" menu in notepad, and choose "Replace"

Fifth: in the "find" field, type a singular comma, and in the replace field, type a singular space, and hit, find replace all.

Sixth: rename the top row, in notepad, which in our example would say "first name last name" after completing these steps and simply change it to what you want it to be, for instance "full name" 

Seventh: Exit notepad, Saving

Eighth: Go back to google sheets, and create a new one, tell it to open from your computer, the CSV which you just saved

Nineth: That successful, Sheets should now show one column the way you want, copy it

Tenth: Go back to the original sheet and paste the data. This likely means you'll need to select the original columns which you merged, delete them, add an additional column, and then paste the data you made there.

Said otherwise: Delete the "first name" "last name" columns (hold control and click on the very top of them to highlight. Right click, "delete columns".)
Then, right click where the new column will go, "insert"
Then, paste the completed data from your temporary spreedsheet.

This sounds complicated but it could take less than a minute to do, and could likely be automated.

These steps though make me wonder if I'm missing something from google sheets. Regardless, using this method I was able to complete my task more quickly than had I researched a built-in method.

Friday, September 30, 2016

0xc0000017 error when Installing a 2012 R2 VM on a 2012 R2 Hypervisor

I read up on this longer than I needed to.

Simply: Change the ram to 1024MB

The default value of 512 isn't enough to start the install process.

You may also want to change the dynamic starting ram to 1024MB.

My issue was that the 2012 r2 installer ISO would let me launch, but would throw up a 'windows could not start' error immediately.

It gave the error:


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Update hostname in Mint Linux

A simple one liner here to update the hostname (computer name of Mint Linux 18).

I had to find out the name of the text editor installed. I typed, "text" in the launch bar, opened the text editor, selected: help, about. This told me the name was 'xed'

So open a terminal window and type

Sudo xed /etc/hosts

Which will open an administrative text editor.

Simply replace the host name with what you want, save and reboot.

Another method is simply to type sudo hostname - but that only TEMPORARILY changes your host name!

The method I mentioned first will do it permanently!