Monday, March 6, 2017

Filemaker Pro & APEasy - user receiving alert that there's a licensing conflict with themselves.


When opening APEasy, it displays an error that you've reached your maximum number of licensed users.

In my instance, this error was only affecting one user on one computer.

Though this is comprehensive, it is not refined. At a point I threw up my hands and just hit all the bases.



Open Filemaker Pro, by itself, without launching the attached service, in this instance, apeasy. Just hit start and open filemaker pro. Go to the help, about, and click on info - grab that license key!

-Try holding control as you click to open the APeasy FMP on the local computer - this will task it to reinitalize and it may be that simple!


- Reboot the server.

If that doesn't do it, try:

- On the server, open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:16000 - this is FileMaker Pro's setup.

You may see that there's an update for the server -- only apply the update if all users are down. Else, don't stir that pot!

Note, if it says that the server is more updated than the workstation, you will want to update the workstations!

-Launch the admin control panel

Username: master  | Password: master

look under clients. If your troubled user is here, force them out and test again.

If that doesn't do it try:

- Ensure server is on intranet sites, for the workstation having trouble, in multiple capacities, to include IP address (remember to remove this. For security, only use FQDN!)

- Uninstall newer versions of Java - APEasy provides version 6.11 or something silly like that - it's good to go back to basics when testing - remember to reinstall the newer versions of java after it's fixed.

Remove the following folders:
%userprofile%\appdata\local\filemaker pro
%userprofile%\appdata\roaming\filemaker pro (may not exist)
%userprofile%\appdata\roaming\filemaker (may not exist)
C:\programdata\apeasy (may not exist)
C:\programdata\filemaker (pro)  (may not exist)

Backup and remove the following registry keys:
HKCU\Software\Filemaker (pro)

Run a repair of filemaker pro from "programs and features" in the control panel-- you will need both your license key AND the name of the software company, in this instance "Small Business Computers of NE" - said otherwise, the "company" field is not you or your clients' company, but the group which is using filemaker pro as the platform for their software.

Try launching again, if still failure:
after all of the above, hold control while launching.
There's another shortcut, holding shift while launching - this seemed to allow progress but I didn't make it down this path - I was told this would allow me to manage the APeasy interface.

TO test:
Log into another users account on the same workstation, does the program launch?
If so, it's something in their user profile,
if not, it's something on the workstation
if it doesn't launch for anyone, it's a problem on the server.

Also try:
Copying a new "APEasy Startup" file over, from the server to the workstation. or from a working computer to the non-working.

Making sure the APeasy Startup item is not on a redirected, roaming, or network location, at least for testing purposes.

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