Saturday, March 18, 2017

Myfordmobile , reset your cars modem

Edit: hold the horses! Even though my originally described meathod below worked INITALLY to get my car  syncing initially, I'm still having issues. Perhaps the only solution is only pull fuse # 10. Maybe the modem being off allows the computer to clear out the BS, but if you pull the power to everything like I described below, the computer doesn't have the opportunity. 

So, after more pulling, I was able to get the fuse out - using a dongle which came with a fuse kit I had laying around. I guess a regular $0.79 plastic fuse puller. Before you waste too much time, check out the photo of the fuse. They didn't have it this fuse Auto parts places, and I was told to buy it from the internet or directly from Ford. 

. Ive an energi car and lost communication between my phones my Ford mobile (MFM) app and my car.
I called myfordmobile support, which I found on the website.
They confirmed that a recently replaced modem had been correctly attached to my VIN, however that there was a queue of requests and the modem in my car was jammed.
They asked I pull the interior fuse # 10.
I tried a few times, but it wasn't easy.
I saw on this site:
That the cover under the steering wheel simply pulled away. It's on a hinge and if you pull from the top, it'll fold down giving access. I pulled from the driver's side door side and it didn't take much.
I still had issues pulling it, so I instead pulled what appeared to be the power to the whole thing. There's a clip on the right side of the larger power connector, simply push this in and pull it out. (I had to get under the steering wheel to see the clip, but I bet if I felt and knew what I was looking for, I'd see it.
With the car off, and unplugged, After pulling that main power connector, I let it sit for about 5 minutes, replugged in the fuse box and started the car. About 30 seconds later my dash showed a request for access.
Hopefully that's it. Pulling the power on that fuse box was much easier than the whole thing. I hope I didn't gum something up.
In the photos attached, you can see the fuse in question, it's highlighted physically, ahah, because in trying to pull it out I beat it up a bit.
The photo from below the dash show the larger power connector and it's release mechanism
This is a 2015 Ford fusion energi with tech package.


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  2. My 12 year old son, Steven, was easily able to pull fuse #10/11 which fixed the problem immediately. My car is once again communicating with both the MFM app and website. pulling the fuse is just like unplugging your modem at home. Instant Reset, no data lost.