Thursday, January 19, 2012

Filezilla Client unable to connect to filezilla server securely

Filezilla server and client unable to authenticate nor handshake for sftp

using the built in certificate creator in filezilla server, I created a certificate and was still unable to connect.

I tried to then import it to the client machine, which didn't work. The user was getting an error stating that it was unable to complete the secure handshake.

in filezilla server, be sure to browse to the path after you've created the certificate. It autocompletes the path but does not end the file with the correct extension and so it fails. Just use the "browse" next to the certificate and private key, browse to the same crt file and then have the other user log in.

If that fails, you probably need to tweak your firewall on the server (either, on the computer or externally). You can temporarily drop your windows firewall to find out if it is the culpret.

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