Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Install All Panasonic Drivers

I have a Panasonic laptop. It came with a disk to install all the drivers, you can also download the most current drivers from their website for your model using this nifty utility HERE (Click on Download manager)

What that leaves you with is a giant list of files and folders. If you notice, in each folder is a pinstall.bat - because of this, we can write a line of script to go through each folder and run that bat instead of having to run the setup in each one.

0. Close all unnecessary programs to prevent installation conflicts.

1. Open the folder you've downloaded all your drivers to.
2. Copy the address from the top bar. mine looks like this C:\users\oliver\desktop\panasonicdrivers\
3. Click start, type "powershell" right click on the result and right click, run as administrator
4. Enter this text into powershell
Get-Childitem -path "path to drivers with quotes around it" -recurse -filter pinstall.bat | foreach-object { & $_.fullname }

Let er' rip! You'll likely need to monitor the install as the occasional 'next' window pops up.

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