Monday, July 27, 2015

Word perfect x6 Cannot Initialize Templates - program cannot start

You can right click to run as administrator, but that's not always a solution.

To fix this, I logged in as administrator,
renamed the affected users userprofile C:\users\username to c:\users\oldusername
logged back in as the user,
opened the old profile,
renamed the folder appdata to oldappdata (you may need to turn on "Show hidden files" in folder options)
renamed oldusername to username
logged out, back in,
word perfect launches

Selectively COPY (not move!) files from oldappdata to appdata, I left out Corel, Temp and Windows, and heavily redacted the "microsoft" folder to be only stuff I was familiar with, Do this for all folders in appdata - which in my instance included Local, locallow and roaming.

Log out, back in,

The reason we copy instead of move is so that we have a good source to restore if things don't work the way we expect. You'll have to decide when you're in the clear to delete the oldappdata.

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