Monday, April 13, 2015

PowerColor r9 280x Crashing

Problem: The card crashes often

Why: Because the fan speed isn't changing automatically

Solution: Open CCC and go to "performance" and "AMD Overdrive"  - accept the license terms, enable overdrive and enable manual fan control, bump it up to 100%

Download & Run Furmark Burn in test

If manual fan control isn't set to 50%< furmark will likely cause the card to reach 90 degrees Celsius and crash.

If you disable manual fan speed while running furmark - you'll notice it doesn't return to 20% and goes where it should, for me it bounced between 40~50%

From this point forward, fan speed should be correctly automated.

If you choose to turn off AMD Overdrive - watch furmark to ensure that the fan speed isn't sitting at 20% (Fan speed is some of the text on the graphics card burn-in)

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