Friday, June 7, 2013

Exporting Icloud calendar to Outlook

You have entries on your icloud or iphone which you want to export and import to other programs such as outlook.


1. Login to

2. Click on calendar

3. On the left, where it shows your calendar, click the small arrow and choose to share publically

4. Copy the public address and paste it into your browser address bar

5. Remote the ical prefex and replace it with http (so, the address ical:// or whatever, would become

6. This will simply cause the file to download

6B. Don't forget to disable public access to your icalendar

7. These files don't have extensions - navigate to the windows folder options, view and find the radio button which says "hide extensions for known file types" and uncheck it, hit ok

8. Back at your icloud calendar file: Right Click.   Rename.   At the end of the file add ".vcs" 

9. In outlook, choose to import - an ics or vcs file

10. In the window which opens, you need to change the type of file it's looking for from ics to vcs, then, simply import your file

11. If you want it to make a new calendar, choose that option. If you want it to import it to your current calendar, choose that option.

12. Done.

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